Books In Your Ears: On Literary Podcasts

Books In Your Ears: On Literary Podcasts
Sunday 1 July
14:00 – 15:15

With BooksAndRhymes, bookshybooks, Dzekashu MacViban, Will Taylor, Eloise Stevens, and Beverly Ochieng & Nyambura Mutanyi (via video). Chaired by Kate Wallis.

A discussion looking at one of the most exciting trends in African literature over the past few years – the growth in podcasts. Guest speakers based both in the UK and the African continent will discuss the concepts behind their shows, their interactions with readers and listeners, and how podcasts are forging a new form of African literary networks.

Presented in partnership with Africa in Words.

BakwaCast is a periodic, living archive, which is conversational, intimate and introspective, and includes the Bakwa Magazine Reading Series, as well as other iterations. It tries to understand what makes interesting people tick, from artists, curators, writers, techies, performers, to policy makers. BakwaCast is curated by Dzekashu MacViban, produced/co-hosted by Tchassa Kamga, and Leslie Meya is co-host.

Hosted by Books&Rhymes, BookShyBooks, and PostColonialChild, and opting for a no-guest format while their social media handles for stage names, Not Another Book Podcast is brutally honest, nuanced, and witty . It is the third podcast to launch from the ShoutOut Network’s ‘Next Generation of Voices’ lineup. Bookstagram reviewer Books&Rhymes brings an irreverence to her criticisms in the debut episode, boldly stating that ‘when God was handing out shame, I didn’t get any, so I don’t know how to feel uncomfortable’. Which explains her candid critiques of critically-acclaimed authors. Book blogger, BookShyBooks delicately subverts the idea that great literature is only found in the West. Writer, PostColonialChild will show you why the future of literature is in translation, advocating for writers of the non-english language. The trio want to help the publishing industry evolve and shape what future literature critics look and sound like. The Podcast is available on spotify, iTunes and other podcast listening platforms. Connect with them on Twitter and Instagram @NABookPodcast.

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