Africa Writes 2023


Africa Writes 2023 will take place at the British Library from Friday, 29 September to Sunday, 1 October.

This years theme is Intangible Heritage.

Africa Writes will present an exciting programme of book launches, workshops, and performances connecting UK audiences with both established and early career writers, exploring the theme of “Intangible Heritage”, to answer two questions:

  • What are the things that make us who we are that we can’t explain or put our fingers on?
  • What parts of our culture are known and felt without being said and how do they manifest in our stories?

The programme for Africa Writes is developed collaboratively with a range of partners. We work with these organisations and individuals to build the range of exciting discussions, book launches and workshops that make up the festival each year.

In the past we have asked you what ideas you had to contribute to the festival, and you didn’t disappoint.

We had a very large number of submissions, and some of these ideas became a reality at previous  festivals.

This is our first year back after switching up our model and so we are reaching out once again to hear your ideas and ask for your suggestions.

We aim for the process to be open and inclusive, to reflect the broad community that makes up Africa Writes. All the individuals and organisations whose submissions are part of the 2023 programme will be fully acknowledged and credited.

– Do you represent an author that you think would be perfect for Africa Writes?
– Are you buzzing with an idea for a book launch or workshop that you would love to see at the festival?
– Do you have an idea for a performance event or panel discussion?

From the seeds of an idea to a fully-fledged plan, we would like to invite you to submit whatever suggestions you might have, to influence and help create the festival in 2023. The submissions will then be reviewed, and some will be developed, to work towards shaping the programme for Africa Writes 2023. This in turn, will inform our applications to secure funding for the festival to take place.

Please note:
1. Africa Writes is organised by the Royal African Society, a membership charity based in London that aims to promote Africa in the UK
2. The festival is funded by public grants from the Arts Council England and the British Council, and supported by donations from trusts and foundations
3. We fundraise in order to finance the festival each year, and there is no profit made
4. Due to our small team and resources, we are unfortunately not able to respond to every submission
5. We are a charity rather than a grant-making organisation, and we work in the area of books and literature. If you are looking for funding for a project or a scholarship, or a partner for your development project, we would advise you to look elsewhere