100 Days of Cameroonian Literature

At Africa Writes 2018 we hosted a fascinating conversation between Dzekashu MacViban of Bakwa Magazine and Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed of bookshybooks. Below you can find all the titles featured in the 100 Days of Cameroonian Literature social media campaign, republished with the kind permission of Bakwa Magazine. Enjoy!

100 Days of Cameroonian Literature

For 100 days, between December 2, 2017 and March 12, 2018, we ran a social media campaign to shed more light on Cameroonian writing, called 100 Days of Cameroonian Literature (#100DaysofCameroonianLiterature). We shared book covers accompanied by short reviews on social media daily, as well as started conversations around these books. We did this both to showcase the diversity of Cameroonian writing as well as debunk the notion that there isn’t enough writing from Cameroon. We are indebted to an earlier project by Angela Wachuka, called #100DaysofAfricanReads, which ran from October 10, 2014 to January 17, 2015, in which we contributed by showcasing (mostly) female Cameroonian writers.

Below are the books featured in 100 Days of Cameroonian Literature:

Day 1 Three Plays (2003) Bate Besong. Editions, Clé.

Day 2 A Few Nights and Days (1966) Mbella Sonne Dipoko, Longmans.

Day 3 The Poor Christ of Bomba (1956), Mongo Beti.

Day 4 Your Name Shall be Tanga (1988) Calixthe Beyala.

Day 5 Dog Days (2006) Patrice Nganang.

Day 6 The Crown of Thorns (1993) Linus Asong, Patron Publishing House.

Day 7 Across the Mongolo (2004) John Nkemngong Nkengasong, Spectrum Books Limited.

Day 8 Dark Heart of the Night (2010) Leonora Miano

Day 9 No Turning Back: Poems of Freedom 1990 – 1993 (2007) Dibussi Tande, Langaa.

Day 10 The Death Certificate (2004) Alobwed’Epie, Éditions Clé.

Day 11 Behold the Dreamers (2016) Imbolo Mbue, Random House.

Day 12 This is Bonamoussadi (2008) Oscar Labang, Miraclaire Publishing.

Day 13 Houseboy (1966) Ferdinand Oyono. African Writers Series.

Day 14 Lake God and other plays (1999) Bole Butake, Éditions Clé.

Day 15 The White Man of God (1980) Kenjo Jumbam, African Writers Series.

Day 16 It Shall Be of Jasper and Coral, and Love-across-a-Hundred-Lives (2000) Werewere Liking, University of Virginia Press.

Day 17 Three Suitors . . . One Husband (1968) Guillaume Oyono-Mbia. Methuen.

Day 18 The Makuru Alternative (2007) Johnnie MacViban, Patron Publishing House.

Day 19 A Basket of Flaming Ashes (2010) by Joyce Ashuntantang, Langaa RPCIG.

Day 20 The Journey’s End (2016) Ba’bila Mutia, Spears Media.

Day 21 Konglanjo! (1988) Bongasu Tanla Kishani, University of Yaounde.

Day 22 Wading the Tide (1995) Emmanuel Fru Doh.

Day 23 Les chauve-souris (2000) Bernard Nanga, Présence Africane.

Day 24 Ma (2012) Gaston-Paul Effa.

Day 25 Yefon: The Red Necklace (2014) Sahndra Fon Dufe

Day 26 Natives (2015) Inongo-vi-Makomè. Phoneme Media

Day 27 Scions of the Malcontent (2011) by Dzekashu MacViban, Miraclaire Publishing.

Day 28 Je suis noir et je n’aime pas le manioc (2003) Gaston Kelman.

Day 29 Lemonade Street (2007) Bernice Angoh.

Day 30 Mount Pleasant (2016) Patrice Nganang. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

Day 31 Père inconnu (1985) Pabe Mongo. Nouvelles éditions africaines.

Day 32 The Most Cruel Death of the Talkative Zombie (1986) Bate Besong, Nooremac Press.

Day 33 Disgrace (autobiographical narcissus) [2007] Bate Besong, Design House.

Day 34 Les maquisards (2015) Hemley Boum.

Day 35 Black and White in Love (1972) Mbella Sonne Dipoko, African Writers Series.

Day 36 The Old Man and the Medal (1967) Ferdinand Oyono. African Writers Series.

Day 37 How to cook your husband the African way (2013) by Calixthe Beyala.

Day 38 No Way to Die (2009) by Linus Asong, Langaa RPCIG.

Day 39 Salvation Colony (2009) by Linus Asong, Langaa RPCIG.

Day 40 Trop de soleil tue l’amour (1999) by Mongo Beti.

Day 41 Mind Searching (2007) by Francis Nyamnjoh, Langaa RPCIG.

Day 42 Branle-bas en noir et blanc (1999) Mongo Beti.

Day 43 The Sex Allegory (and other Poems) [2011] Louisa Lum, Miraclaire.

Day 44 Bird of the Oracular Verb (2008) Wirndzerem G. Bafee, Iroko Publishing

Day 45 L’oiseau en cage (1983) Delphine Zanga Tsogo, Editions Edicef

Day 46 Crépuscule du tourment 1 & 2 (2016, 2017) Léonora Miano.

Day 47 Perpetua and the habit of unhappiness (1978) Mongo Beti.

Day 48 Your Madness, Not Mine (1999) Juliana Makuchi Nfah-Abbenyi, Ohio University Press.

Day 49 Manna of a Life and Other Short Stories (2007) Eunice Ngongkum, Éditions Clé.

Day 50 Walls of Agony (2006) John Ngong Kum Ngong, Éditions Clé.

Day 51 Black Caps and Red Feathers (2010) John Nkemngong Nkengasong, Langaa RPCIG.

Day 52 Sov-Mbang the Soothsayer (1968) Sankie Maimo, Éditions Clé.

Day 53 Poème Carcéral (2012 ) Enoh Meyomesse.

Day 54 Prisoner without a Crime (1985) Albert Mukong.

Day 55 A Ripple from Abakwa (2008) Mwalimu Johnnie Macviban

Day 56 God was African (2014) John Nkemngong Nkengasong, Langaa RPCIG.

Day 57 House of Falling Women (2008) Rosemary E. Ekosso.

Day 58 Un Bantou à Washington (2007) Célestin Monga. Presses Universitaires de France.

Day 59 Who is Afraid of Mongo wa Swolenka (2016) Mbuh Tennu Mbuh.

Day 60 Tussles (Collected Plays) [2009] G.D. Nyamndi.

Day 61 Change Waka & His Man Sawa Boy (2001) Bate Besong, Éditions Clé.

Day 62 Lament of a Mother (1990) Fale Wache

Day 63 King Lazarus (1971) Mongo Beti.

Day 64 Le Petit Prince de Belleville (1992)  Calixthe Beyala, Albin Michel.

Day 65 Maman a un amant (2002) Calixthe Beyala, J’ai Lu.

Day 66 Le Roman de Pauline (2009)  Calixthe Beyala, Albin Michel.

Day 67 Chopchair (1998) Linus Asong, Patron Publishing House.

Day 68 Les Bimanes (2011) Séverin Cécile Abega

Day 69 Ville Cruelle (1954)  Eza Boto, Présence Africaine

Day 70 L’homme qui m’offrait le ciel (2009)  Calixthe Beyala.

Day 71 The Trial of Bate Besong (2009) Oscar Labang.

Day 72 A Legend of the Dead (2009) Linus Asong, Langaa RPCIG.

Day 73 Stranger in his Homeland (2010) Linus Asong, Langaa RPCIG.

Day 74 In the Shadow of my Country (2009) Mbuh Tennu Mbuh, Langaa RPCIG.

Day 75 Because of Women (1968) Mbella Sonne Dipoko.

Day 76 Femme nue, femme noire (2003) de Calixthe Beyala, Albin Michel.

Day 77 La saison des prunes (2013) Patrice Nganang, Philippe Rey.

Day 78 Elobi (2006)  Patrice Nganang.

Day 79 La joie de vivre (2003) Patrice Nganang, Le serpent à plumes.

Day 80 Man Pass Man and other Stories (1988) Ndeley Mokoso, Longmans African Writers.

Day 81 La Logorrhée du poète ou l’Histoire des Camerouns en 33 gouttelettes (2018) Bill France Ndi, Langaa

Day 82 Le Christ selon l’Afrique (2014)  Calixthe Beyala.

Day 83 Two Plays (Down the Hill and Chief Ayito) {2004} Anne Tanyi-Tang, Éditions Sherpa.

Day 84 Amour et préjugés (2014) Djhamidi Bond, Harmattan.

Day 85 Boundless (2005) Kefen Budji. Spears Media.
Day 86 The Day God Blinked (2008) Alobwed’Epie.

Day 87 Footprints of Destiny (1985) Azanwi Nchami.

Day 88 A Madding Generation (2012) John Nkemngong Nkengasong.

Day 89 The Barn [Three Plays] (2008) Kwo Victor Elame Musinga, Langaa RPCIG.

Day 90 The Betrayed Town and other Poems (2012) Roselyne M. Jua.

Day 91 An Anecdoted Patchwork (2011) Mwalimu Johnnie Macviban.

Day 92 Precipice (2008) Susan Nkwentie Nde, Langaa RPCIG

Day 93 Pieces of Silver (2010) Dipita Kwa, Langaa RPCIG.

Day 94 Rock of God (2010) JK Bannavti, Langaa RPCIG.

Day 95 Confidences (2016) Max Lobe, Zoé éditions

Day 96 Le bruit des fleuves (2017) Kouam Tawa.

Day 96 Grassfields stories from Cameroon (2008) Peter W. Vakunta.

Day 97 Cry of the Destitute (1995) Gahlia N. Gwangwa’a.

Day 98 Plantation Stories and Rhymes from Cameroon (2007) Vivian Yenika

Day 99 Imitation White Man (2009) Vivian Yenika

Day 100 Mission to Kala (1971) Mongo Beti, Collier Books.


You can read about this project in Spanish on Literafricas.