Africa Writes Statement on Enkare Review

Africa Writes Statement on Enkare Review:

On Monday 11 June 2018 we were alerted on social media to a dispute between the Enkare Review team and their former editor Troy Onyango, which was made public following the loss of the team’s access to the publication’s website.

We invited Troy Onyango to Africa Writes to speak at a workshop on Small Magazines in his capacity as Founding Editor of Enkare Review, as well as a panel on African Books to Inspire. With Troy, we agreed a media partnership with Enkare Review which would be delivered in the lead-up to the festival. At no point during these communications were we aware of the disagreements between himself and the current team. We dealt with him in good faith, under the assumption that he was in a position to represent the magazine and that all was in order.

As we later discovered that this was not the case, we have therefore had to withdraw our invitation. We hope this dispute can be satisfactorily resolved for all parties involved.