Meet the Publishers

Meet the Publishers

Friday 3 July

16.00 – 17.30


With Bibi Bakare-Yusuf, Publishing Director at Cassava Republic Press; Parisa Ebrahimi, Editor at Chatto & Windus; Sarah Ream, Commissioning Editor at The Pigeonhole and Jacob Ross, Associate Editor at Peepal Tree Press. Chaired by Rebecca Swift, Director of The Literary Consultancy.

Are you a writer looking to be published? Do you want an insight into how editors identify new talent and the best way to present your work? Join our panel as they discuss what they look for when considering new writing, reflect on the best way to pitch your ideas and share other insider tips.

Come prepared, as during the session five writers will be picked at random from our lucky draw to present their work to these industry experts.  Each pitch will be limited to three minutes, after which our panel will give immediate and honest feedback on your presentation and the potential of your work.

In collaboration with The Literary Consultancy.

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