In Praise of Still Boys

***SOLD OUT***


Monday 4 October, 19:00 – 20:30 BST
Venue: 180 The Strand
Tickets: £2 / £5 / £10 (Pay What You Can)

With Julianknxx, Delia Jarrett-McCauley and George Shire.


A meditative evening exploring boyhood, the Atlantic ocean and magic. 

We are pleased to be presenting an in conversation with Julianknxx on In Praise Of Still Boys at 180 The Strand, a three screen film that reexamines Julianknxx’s childhood growing up in Sierra Leone. Exhibited through the lives and experiences of young boys living and growing next to the blue waters of the Atlantic ocean, the film meditates on change, fate and everyday magic. The visual poem explores the relationship between Freetown, the Middle Passage, and the African diaspora, imagining a space in which young Sierra Leoneans can try to write their own stories into global history.

Come and experience In Praise of Still Boys and listen to Julianknxx in conversation Delia Jarrett-McCauley and George Shire.



About Julianknxx

Julianknxx is an interdisciplinary poet, visual artist and film maker whose practice crosses the boundaries of written word, music, visual art and installation. Through his practice Julianknxx explores themes of inheritance, loss, and belonging, and their effects on personal and interpersonal narratives.

With his critical engagement with art history and philosophy, Julianknxx uses his personal history as a prism through which to deconstruct dominant perspectives on African art, ideas, history and culture. Rich with symbolism and complex layering his work conveys our continuing and necessary task of defining and redefining ourselves through the simultaneous rejection of extrinsic labels and repositioning of ourselves within new collective narratives.

Through his projects Julianknxx catalogues a living archive of African diasporic experiences, creating a collaborative space for artists, participants and viewers to communicate whilst navigating a multiplicity of cultural identities, senses of belonging, and creative expressions.

Accessing the event

The event will take place at 180 The Strand, Temple, London, WC2R 1EA.

This is an in-person event and will not be available for live stream. The safety of our audiences are paramount, if you choose to attend in-person please note we will still be implementing socially distanced measures. Be prepared for an exciting evening brought to you with your safety and comfort in mind.

About the event

Presented in partnership with the Royal African Society and 180 The Strand as part of Africa Writes 2021.


Image credit: Still from In Praise of Still Boys by Julianknxx

Africa Writes 2021 returns from 4 – 24 October. You can join us in celebrating the imagination, pleasure and activism within contemporary African literature either online, at 180 The Strand and the British Library. Learn more about the 2021 festival headliners. You can also access 50% off all full ticket prices for The British Library events, consider signing up for the RAS Arts & Culture Membership.