Ben Okri on the Late Chinua Achebe

“He was a man who answered the questions of his times, the times in which he found himself, in tough, brief, elegant novels and in doing that actually helped to create a language of literature in which many of us came to write in afterwards. So in a way he is the sweeper of the road ahead, he was one of the three great writers that cleaned the road ahead so that succeeding generations could travel along it.”


After  the death of the great Chinua Achebe, Ben Okri talks to the BBC’s James Menendez about the Nigerian Author’s lasting legacy. The inspirational impact of novels such as Things Fall Apart, the civil war – “a real Things Fall Apart” – and Achebe’s role as a true “Africanist” author ared discussed in this short clip from BBC Newshour. We are delighted to welcome Ben Okri to Africa Writes 2015.