Afroqueer Season 4 Launches With The Fascinating Story Of LGBTQ Activist Paula Abuor

AfroQueer podcast, a podcast about queer Africans living, loving, surviving and thriving on the African continent and in the diaspora launches series 4 with the fascinating exploration of the life and work of LGBTQ activist Paula Abuor.

In 2008, after moving to the port city of Kisumu in western Kenya, Paula Abuor decided to open up her house to other LGBTQ people. Meeting in bars and parks was just too risky – and, as one of Kenya’s LGBTQ ‘elders’, she really wanted young Kenyans setting out on their queer journeys to have a safe space where they could be themselves, embraced by love when their families and friends wouldn’t accept them.

That’s how the episode’s reporter/ producer Annette Atieno found herself there – when she was outed by a relative and her mum sent her away from the family home in Nairobi to Kisumu.  

Annette takes us on a poignant journey to meet Paula and other people from that era. In doing so, we delve into an important chapter in Kenya’s LGBTQ history – and Annette reflects on the role Paula and her Kisumu house played in her own queer journey.

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AfroQueer Podcast is produced by AQ Studios and Edited on Hindenburg Systems.


Reporter – Annette Atieno & Tevin Sudi

Writer – Penny Dale 

Producer – Annette Atieno

Story Editor – Kerry Donahue 

Executive Producer – Selly Thiam

As part of this year’s Africa Writes, we will be hosting a special event Of Heart & Home – a conversation on community activism and loving affirmation of self and others found in LGBTQ safe house organising in Kenya and beyond.

Tuesday 19 October, 17:30 – 18:45 (BST) 

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