7 Fun African Storytelling Activities for Young Children

As half-term comes to an end in the UK, and the looming prospect of an isolating Winter holiday break approaches, we’ve found these wonderful resources for parents and guardians to use with their children. Have a look and we hope this adds some extra fun in those precious bonding moments and educational delights with young ones.



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1. This Is Book Love


This is Book Love is an award winning collective of Educators, Artists, Musicians, Creatives, Aunties, Uncles, Parents and Grandparents working together through an online shop to bring as much multicultural content and books in to one place.


2. Knights Of


Knights Of publishes commercial children’s fiction – distributed through the UK, Ireland and Europe.


3. Miiato


Discover new superheroes with children’s book author Miia Torera’s I.S.A series!




4. Anike Foundation’s African Folktales


Get access to engaging resources on Anike Foundation’s website.


5. Alim Kamara’s ‘Storie Storie’

Subscribe to Storie Storie on YouTube here.

6. Tàta Storytime

Subscribe to Tàta Storytime on YouTube here.




7. Yorùbá online course with CultureTree


Learn Yorùbá online for children with Culture Tree. Here’s a snippet of one of their sessions!


That’s it from us, let us know if you try out any of the above!

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