Translation Roundtable

Translation Roundtable
Sunday 2 July

With Victoria Adukwei Bulley, Richard Odour Oduku, Wanjeri Gakuru & Moses Kilolo of Jalada Africa (via Skype), Abdulai Silá & Jethro Soutar. Chaired by Dr Martin Orwin.

We uncover the processes and politics of translating into and between African languages. Jalada Africa discusses the translation of a story by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o into 33 languages (the single most translated short story in the history of African writing); Abdulai Silá and Jethro Soutar present the first novel from Guinea Bissau to be translated into English, and Victoria Adukwei Bulley presents a preview of her project MOTHER TONGUES (poetry by poets of colour, translated by the women who know them best, captured on film)

Included in Weekend Pass and Sunday Day Ticket.