Translation in Africa: The Translated Book Awards Longlisters

Forever supplying us with lists of newly published and newly found talent, blogger Bookshy has opened up a whole new world of African authors usually left inaccessible to the strict Anglophones among us. In digging through the archives of the Translated Book Awards longlists, Bookshy has found 12 novels hailing from across the continent: Egypt and Morocco in the North to Djibouti in the horn, Angola on the Atlantic and South Africa, naturally, in the South.

“I may have only been able to find 12, but from young women in an elite boarding school in Rwanda to suicide bombers in Morocco and a white woman and her black domestic worker in South Africa, the Best Translated Book Awards have a delightful selection of translated African fiction on their longlists.”

Once again Bookshy and Africa Writes take synchronous paths to remind us that African literature has no language and no geography.

Check out Bookshy’s list of longlisted African literature here and if that merely whets your appetite then come along to the opening event of Africa Writes 2015; Africa in Translation: What’s Love Got to Do with it?